(English) Improves sleep quality
(English) Deeper, more restorative sleep gives you more energy during the day, and more contentment in your daily life.
(English) Reduces physical
and mental stress
(English) With less tension within the body, the mind too can become settled and calm, allowing complete relaxation.
(English) Improves heart and respiratory function
(English) Harmonious Breathing brings better overall cardiovascular health and more efficient oxygen intake


The Benefits

Calm your mind, reduce tension
in your body, and improve your physical and cerebral functions.

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The Team

Qualified and experienced yoga instructors, our teachers bring, understanding, enthusiasm and humour to each class.

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What we offer

Each person’s needs and goals are different. We can provide just the right course for your individual growth.

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Find out more, book a session or just have a chat about what you want to achieve. We’ll help you find the ideal solution.

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The perfect harmony of breathing

Watch the Breathe video for an insight into the calm and focus that can come from using our harmonious breathing techniques.


  • I want to thank you and you give to me, this incredible opportunity to practice together. Harmonious Breathing is such a good moment of my daily life and I am always looking forward to attend a class.

    Chicca Maione (Italy)
  • I have been doing harmonious breathing for a few months. It has changed my sitting practice. I practice  breathing in a completely different manner, I also see the difference in daily life I access a different more complete breathing as soon as I want. Thank you to the team for bringing this to me

    Andrew Farr (France)
  • "Thank you for this transformation. I feel sensations and smells I had lost. I feel I have purged myself of stored toxins that prevented me from fully enjoying the present."

    Christian Henry (Switzerland)
  • Very beneficial!! An immediate effect after each class - I feel a lot more relaxed, focused and clear every time. Thank you for sharing these simple, yet powerful breathing exercises!

    Yulia Peace (USA)
  • (English)

    During our round the world flight with Solar Impulse, we encountered some difficult time. I called Patricia Pearl from Harmonious Breathing for help as the energy in the team where dramatically dropping and getting in a negative mode. She kindly gave some online breathing sessions to a small group of our team that helped us to rebuilt energy and recenter ourselves, so we could bring the rest of team energy back up and create an new impulsion for us to continue our adventure. A few of us have continued to follow Patricia’s very beneficial teachings . With thanks.
    Anne-Christine Perren - Solar Impulse, Executive Assistant to the CEO
    Anne-Christine PerrenSolar impulse Executive Assistant to the CEO