Practicing Harmonious Breathing

In the stressful business world of today, the physical and mental well-being of your employees and management team is critical to how well a company performs and how it responds to a competitive environment. The practice of Harmonious Breathing has successfully helped businesses and organizations around the world prosper by aiding in the mental and physical well-being of employees. Presented online and in real-time, you and your team have instant access to this essential tool which directly supports the good health of all who use it. Harmonious Breathing is derived from Yantra Yoga, one of the world’s oldest yoga disciplines from which most others have developed.

Harnessing the power of our breathing is important in order to enhance our lives, reduce stress, and bring balance to all we do. Breathing is the essence of all life; it helps you center yourself and be present in everything you do.

The history of Harmonious Breathing

Launched in 2016 by Patrizia Pearl, Harmonious Breathing online brings balance to your life by focusing on your breathing. Patrizia Pearl has been practising Yantra Yoga since 1989 after meeting the Tibetan Dzogchen Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbhu. In 2013 she deepened her understanding of breathing by studying the methods of Harmonious Breathing with Fabio Andrico, which encompasses the anatomy and physiology of breathing. The source of this technique is Yantra Yoga, the yoga of Movement and Breathing which has its origins in 8th century Eastern system.


Skilful breathing techniques of mind and body have proven benefits

Empower your team to better handle stress, relax more effectively, and improve concentration to increase the creativity, performance, and health of your employees.

Eliminating stress

Strengthen immune system

Increased energy levels

Improve congnitive function

Cardiovascular & musculoskeletal health

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  • Michael Bruni CEO / Zero Azania, Johannesburg - South Africa
    I would like to thank Patrizia on behalf of the Zero Azania team for the warm and welcoming environment that she creates during our weekly Harmonious Breathing classes. Since we started with the breathing exercises, the tension in the office has significantly reduced and we are more aware of creating a calmer mind and environment for ourselves. Our decision-making processes run smoother and better choices are made in in the office. Harmonious Breathing brings lightness to the mind and body and creates a time to re-connect with our thoughts. Thank you.
    Michael Bruni CEO / Zero Azania, Johannesburg - South Africa
  • Jacqueline Gens Massachusetts / USA
    In my experience one does not need to be in perfect physical shape to train in Harmonious Breathing. Many years ago I was able finally to quit smoking cigarettes after only one session of Harmonious Breathing and I have never gone back. I am completely free of craving."
    Jacqueline Gens Massachusetts / USA
  • Solar Impulse Team
    Dear Patrizia your teaching sessions of Harmonious Breathing via zoom to support the Solar Impulse team in Japan while waiting to fly to Hawaii were a revelation to me. The breathing exercises helped me to feel strong again. Today somebody came to me and embraced me and said your energy changed, you are back again Elke. Thank you very much dearest Patrizia to help in this adventure from far.
    Solar Impulse Team
  • Anne-Christine Perren Solar Impulse / Executive Assistant to the CEO
    During our round-the-world flight with Solar Impulse, the energy in the team was dropping while encountering challenges during one our lasting stop over and slipping into a negative mode. I called I called Patrizia, one of the Harmonious Breathing instructor for help, and thanks to a few breathing sessions for some of the people in our group, we found the impulse we needed to recenter. With our renewed energy, it help to change the rest of the team’s energy and continue our adventure.
    Anne-Christine Perren Solar Impulse / Executive Assistant to the CEO
  • Ian Drummond Senior Manager, Library Services / Australian College of  Applied Psychology
    As part of a wellness initiative following a period of organizational change, staff at the Sydney Campus of the Australian College of Applied Psychology took part in weekly sessions of Harmonious Breathing lead by instructor Patrizia Pearl through the Zoom platform. We chose to do chair based classes as staff could 'come as they are' and learn simple methods they could practice at their desk throughout the day. We found the exercises suitable for all fitness levels and ranges of experience. Everyone left the sessions refreshed and relaxed. Recommended!
    Ian Drummond Senior Manager, Library Services / Australian College of Applied Psychology