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Skilful Breathing

Harmonious breathing is a simple and powerful method that helps us release stress and improve concentration. Soothe the mind and relax the body by performing simple and effective breathing exercises coordinated with movement and stretching.

Empower your team to better handle their stress, relax more effectively, and improve their concentration with a time-efficient and simple manner that can be used anywhere in any situation. The practice of Harmonious Breathing is then an essential step to calm and focus the nervous system which then maximizes the creativity, performance, and health of your team.

Becoming a more balanced team

With an unbroken lineage of knowledge stretching back thousands of years, the conscious breathing techniques of Yantra Yoga have proven benefits for your mind and body. Yantra Yoga is proven to aid cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, obesity, depression, gastro-intestinal disorders, cognitive function, and so much more. With Harmonious Breathing all you need to do in order to experience these benefits is the ability to breathe.

Online classes for your team

Our online classes can be scheduled to suit your business schedule and are easy enough to be done sitting at a chair. Classes are 30-45 minutes long and participants will experience both immediate and delayed positive effects of the breathing practice. For the business and corporate world of today, the physical and mental well-being of your employees and management is key to how well a company functions, and especially how it meets the challenges of a competitive environment. Onsite or online Harmonious Breathing sessions are an excellent way for companies and organisations to aid employees physical and mental well-being so that they can live, work, and relax at their best.

Increased energy levels

With lowered stress levels you are able to rest and sleep better, raising your overall energy levels. The increase in oxygen flow to your system also revitalises and energises your system.


Improve cognitive function

When you breathe properly you are able to develop your awareness of every part of your life. In this way you are able to improve your memory and cognitive function.

Strengthen immune system

Breathing deeply and correctly helps you develop a strong and healthy immune system. Lowered stress levels, better sleep, and increased energy levels further aid the strengthening of your immune system.

Eliminating stress of the mind and body

By breathing deeply and calmly your mind and body follow the cues to become more grounded and relaxed.

Cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health

All parts of your body involved in breathing are engaged in our lessons and your muscles are strengthened by this gentle exercise. The balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your lungs is improved increasing your oxygen intake.

What we offer

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